About Us


Determined to build an equitable healthcare.

We are 11 Penn State undergraduates from computer science, data science, bio-behavioral health, psychology, statistics, and pre-med backgrounds. Currently, our team is working remotely, with two members in State College, PA, who work in person.

Formerly known as The Mental Health Project (TMHP), our team has succeeded in both the ideation and prototype rounds, acquired $4000 in funding overall, and sponsored by IBM Watson Health twice to compete in the MVP Phase of the Nittany AI Challenge 2021. Our ambitions lie beyond just the challenge, with a vision to continue development post the Challenge in September.

We consider ourselves and our software merely a tool to help support the mental health experts and their years of experience, with the simple mission to offload tedious tasks like paperwork through the power of technology. They are at the heart of every decision we make at Apoio.

Three dedicated advisors currently support Apoio in product vision, technical strategy and implementation, and customer development, with seven more consulting advisors, including folks from Microsoft Azure, Dow Jones, and Happy Valley Launchbox.


Meet The Team

Applications opening soon to join the team!


Divya Rustagi



Belle Peterson



Timothy Alexander

Full-Stack Engineer


Gregory Glatzer

UI/UX Developer

Harsh - Recent .jpg

Harsh Gupta

Technical Project Manager


Vandana Agarwala

ML Engineer


Megha Dhandhania

Python Developer

Shravan Narayan.jfif

Shravan Narayan

AI Engineering Intern


Tanav Thanjavuru

Database Engineer

Kavan Adeshara.jfif

Kavan Adashera

Data Scientist

Richard Cheng.jfif

Richard Cheng

Cybersecurity Analyst


Sunakshi Verma

Research Consultant, Psychology and Psychiatry