Advancing Clinical Decision Support With Artificial Intelligence.

Welcome to Apoio, a small startup paving the way to the future of mental healthcare. We are a team of passionate undergraduate students,  determined to empower mental health providers with the power of artificial intelligence. Find out what we envision the future to be.


Empower your practice with artificial intelligence and say no to EHR burnouts.

We are reimagining the mental health patient intakes of tomorrow with Apoio Intake.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and secured by the cloud, Apoio Intake is a clinical decision support (CDS) tool to accelerate mental health intakes by aggregating and visualizing self-reported intake forms on an intuitive dashboard. We believe in leveraging the computers to do what they do best - processing and summarizing large amounts of data - while leaving inference and diagnosis up to our mental health experts.



Form Extraction

Retain your professional standards with our customize form extraction solution. We train our software to work with your existing intake form. We make the technology fit your workflow, so you can have a hassle-free experience.


Data Summarizer

Maintain a great patient-provider rapport by letting our solution visualize and summarize the intake form facts for you. No matter how long your intake process is, we ensure all intake information is preserved and displayed in a focused and digestible format.


Summary Dashboard

Gain a deeper understanding of your patient's story at a glance on our Individual Patient Dashboard. We break down your intake forms into a single patient dashboard to highlight red flags, symptoms, health information and screening assessment scores.

prototype Apoio Intake

Summary Report

Retain and store your patient's intake information in your existing records by exporting the patient dashboard into a 1-page patient report or a spreadsheet. We currently have a standard format but are open to feedback and suggestions.

prototype Apoio Intake
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Let us take care of your paperwork.

While you save the world from a mental health crisis.




19% of adults are experiencing mental illness.

Over 47 million Americans (19%) are experiencing mental illness, while 4.55% have a severe mental illness. The state prevalence of adult mental illness ranges from 16.14% in New Jersey to 25.25% in Utah.


57% of adults with a mental illness receive no treatment.

Over 26 million individuals experiencing a mental illness are going untreated. The state prevalence of untreated adults with mental illness ranges from 42.8% in Vermont to 65.8% in Hawaii.

1 in 4

23.6% of all adults in America do not receive the treatment they need.

Almost a quarter (23.6%) of all adults with a mental illness reported that they were not able to receive the treatment they needed.  This number has not declined since 2011.


Expert Insights


"The best way to secure a health record is to print it out on paper, stick it in a box, and cover it with cement. But then it’s of no use at all."

Lucia Savage Chief Privacy and Regulatory Officer Omada Health, Inc.